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Did you know?

Reptiles play a significant role in folklore, religion, and popular culture. The Moche people of ancient Peru worshipped reptiles and often included lizards in their art.

There are nearly 12,000 extant species of reptiles recorded, making reptiles one of the most diverse types of vertebrates in the world!


Education and conservation is our mission....



Reptilandia-Reptile Lagoon has the largest and most diverse presentation of reptiles and amphibians located in the stunning Hill Country of Texas. We pride ourselves in applying scientific knowledge vital to the conservation of animals, plants, and habitats around the world. With  8 distinct biomes you can observe these fascinating animals in our incredible, spacious exhibits showcasing naturalistic enclosures and mixed-species exhibits. The temperature controlled building  allows for a comfortable visit. Wheel-chair accessible paths allow for everyone to enjoy this incredible facility and educational programs being offered. We regularly carry out research with our captive reptile and amphibian populations to answer key questions on their management and biology and how we can conserve these animals better in the wild.





“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.”  - Sir David Attenborough


"Zoos are necessary because they bring together and educate the community, providing an understanding of the interconnectedness of animals and their habitats, conduct conservation programs of animals in the wild and captive facilities. This  includes breeding programs to help sustain fragile populations in captivity that are in dire need of conservation and protection in the wild."  -  Thornton W. Blease

we have opened our final two story building!
Tuesday-Sunday 10-5pm

Reptilandia Reptile Lagoon

1859 N US HWY 281 Johnson City TX 78636


Why are Reptiles important?

Reptiles are important components of the food webs in most ecosystems. They fill a critical role both as predator and prey species. ...

Reptiles  can

also have a useful

anthropogenic role

in ecosystems. In

some areas, they

help control numbers of serious agricultural pests by consuming rodents and insects.

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Did you know?

Texas is home to 76 species of both venomous and non-venomous snakes?

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